770 Poker

    • CatPaws
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      May I suggest that Pokerstrategy no longer support 770. I have been subjected to bad beat after bad beat on the site. It is not just a run of a downswing. Initially I would make it into the money a reasonable amount of time for a novice player. The 50 dollars you gave me lasted quite a while. I then deposited on the site and since then it has been lose after lose after lose. I have not changed my style of play but continue to be taken out on the river after a lag prior to that card showing. The cards I am getting are extremely difficult to play as well. When I do get a decent hand to play it is only to lose on the river (after a 5 second "lag") to cards that should never have been played in the first place. I do play on other sites so I can compare the game plays. 770 has left a very bad taste in my mouth and I will not be redepositing on that site. Interesting others I have sent to that site have the same impression about it I do.
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