Poker Warm Up. How Do You Guys Do It?

    • foolboydesire
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      This is a tricky one for me, still. I often find myself playing first 15 minutes or so of the session somewhat "out of zone", not concentrated, and only after those 15 minutes I finally get into that 'poker mode', where I'm concentrated, focused etc.

      I wonder if anyone else is having (or used to have) similar issues and how do you deal with it? How do you "warm up" so to speak for a poker session?

      I heard many different advices, like using meditation, visualisation before playing, listening to a favourite tune just before playing, memory games etc etc

      but I am interested in what the members of PS actually do to warm up and what works best, I haven't played seriously for couple of months so I'm feeling like a newbie again..

      sorry if this topic was already covered somewhere...
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