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Hi PS, nice to meet you

    • MonkySandwich
      Joined: 18.02.2012 Posts: 156
      Hi all,

      Time for my first post here.

      I've been playing some poker for a few months now. I started at Everest from scratch, playing Shasta games (SnG freerolls). I managed to build a small roll over there playing up to 10NL full ring. That went pretty well for a while. I took some shots at 25NL, but didn't go that great. It seems that I'm having a downswing at the moment or I just suck. I also feel that I lose concentration after a while and start making silly plays (trying to outplay some every day regs).

      I've read some books, but didn't finish most of them. I read a lot on forums (like this one) and watched some video series.

      A month ago I saw the quiz on this site and passed on the first try. With the first ten free buks, I played some micros on 770 full ring. Now I'm playing 6max for a week and it's going pretty good so far. PS gave me now $30 out of the $50 from the quiz and managed to build the 770 roll to $77.

      I enjoy 6max more than full ring. I'm playing 3 to 4 tables now and not more than 1,5h continuously, wich helps me to concentrate better.

      As most players here, I want to get better. I will focus for now on some 6max strategy and maybe go back to full ring later on. My goal is to move up to 10NL 6max as soon as PS or 770 let me play there. I will see how it goes and hopefully I can move up to 25NL. In order to do so, I will read the articles over here, wacht the videos that go with them, finish a least one poker book and wacht some video coaching series. Maybe I try to sweat with someone in the future.

      gl at the tables
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    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Hello MonkySandwich!

      What a marvellous first post! So full of great news!

      Turning $30 into $77 already, with more starting capital still to come sounds like a brilliant start to a wonderful poker future!

      Amazingly good discipline having already found your limits of how long a session you can play your A-game and sticking to the currently optimal amount of tables, that's an issue many people suffer from early on, playing too many tables and not being fully comfortable with it.

      What poker books are you thinking of reading before your moves up through the limits, any likely candidates picked out yet?

    • MonkySandwich
      Joined: 18.02.2012 Posts: 156
      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the warm welcome.

      I think I can move to 10NL 6max without much trouble. I'm trying to read the Harrington on Cash series, I think that will help me with some general concepts. I also try to wach a lot of coaching vids, wich helps me more about sizing, aggression and abusing position.

      I also realy want to read Verneer's 'Building a Bankroll'. I've read his 'Moving Through uNL' thread/article wich was really helpful

      At Everest I played 10NL FR 5-8 tables, that went fine, but noticed it didn't help me to think enough about my decisions. Then I tried 4 tables FR, but got bored and found myself more surfing on the net, than paying attention to my games.

    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Hi MonkySandwich!

      It looks like you are doing a great job! Double the money gave is a really nice achievement!

      I do want to say 1 thing, not to criticize on your play but just to protect you from going broke.
      Your bankroll on 770 is $77 and you say that you want to play on NL10 asap. $77 means you only have 7 buy-ins for NL10 and 7 buy-ins isn't a lot! Have you ever heard of bankroll management? It prevents you from playing on the wrong limits and bust your bankroll when you do have a downswing. There is an article in our strategy section, maybe it's good if you take a look. It would be shame to bust your bankroll due to bad bankroll management! Maybe you have heard of it and know what bankroll management is. But I just want you to play as long and profitable as possible!
      Bankroll management

      Good luck on the tables! And keep building up that bankroll like you were!!

    • MonkySandwich
      Joined: 18.02.2012 Posts: 156
      Hi RasTweet,

      Swings indeed, the $77 roll just got a bit smaller. Some beats, some terrible plays, but still alive.

      Thanks for your concerns. I've heard of BRM. I would say I'm verry cautious with moving up. I just add the 770 roll with my Everest roll. Then I would have more than enough to bust a couple of times.