Second currency on stars

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    • mute20
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      Originally posted by Targetme
      I used canadian currency on party and I loved it. They never charged any fees as long as I deposited in canadian. Is pokerstars as simple as theres?
      Nope every time you go to us/euro you will be charged at least 1 cent and after you leave you will lose at least 1 cent. If you have a constant reload below a certain point you get charged to. So I changed my entire bankroll to us money. Tournaments/sngs/etc you will be charged.
    • fruktpuff
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      You can however convert within the cashier for large sums, and only convert the bulk of it with minimal to no fee(As far as I am aware, nothing should be charged except for possibly a cent or two due to rounding issues) to CAD prior to cashout.