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    • phantommm92
      Joined: 14.05.2010 Posts: 1,464
      have been thinking to make this thread for a few days already as i have some questions bout HU play, i feel like i might be leaking quite some money. so here it goes:

      1mainly what i am concerned is OOP play, so lets say we defend vs a 3bb open(no big difference) an A5s and the board comes 5s68s, vs a villain who does barrel good frequencies, what is your standard line? same goes if you flat like K7s and board comes 78T.

      my thoughts on this are that c/c obv sucks because we will very rarely go to showdown and be good at the same time, it's so frkn easy for him to bluff us off and obv vbet when he has it. so now we are left with 3 other options: i don't like donking in general(tho could be good, correct me if i'm wrong), so that leaves us with c/r and c/f

      lately i started c/f when i don't have a BDFD, so we should look to c/r these boards a lot and treat our hand as a 5card draw? so lets say according to the first example, what turn/river card would you barrel

      2 lets say we have played a few hundred hand with a villain and we see that he isn't folding much to 3bets, so obv we start to depolarize our range and 3bet most broadways, etc. now my question comes, if wee see that villain is not folding much to cbets in 3bet pots <40%(is imo low), so what would be the better adjustment 3bet tighter?, just c/f flop where we don't have much equity(egz QJ on 973) or just start double barreling more and see how he reacts?

      i feel like the double barreling could just kick the variance a lot more than c/f.

      And in general, we should have a somewhat range that we check OTF, so it prob should be something like 40%(a bit off?) or so and obv some of it going for a c/r

      3 now another question i have is what do you think about min4betting with a rather wide range? :f_cool:

      advantages: turns opponents ranges totally face up, so most villains will just 5bet a very tight range and leaves him with his whole 3betting range

      disadvantages: kind of turns some of our hands into bluffs, egz if we have AQs, we min4bet and get 5bet, we get a tough decision

      that's it for now, i will add some things later if we remember :) ty very much for the replies
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