Hello from Italy!!!

    • Wickam25
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      Hi im wickam25 from italy! I play on pokerstars but mostly on SNG since in cash games I suck so much that I even self excluded myself from joining them :P
      I registered on PS months ago and after losing about 70$ in a couple of cash games (I had just learned the basis of poker and wanted to beat strong players lol) I blocked myself from PS for 6 months while I studied a little and playied on iPoker network at low stakes sngs finally with a positive roi and earning, mostly from double up games (double or nothing from pokerstars) :f_grin:
      Some days ago my self exclude period from PS finished and while still nothing changed in cash games (ahahah lost like 3-4$ in around 1h of cash games) i'm finally enjoying SnGs on PS but I want to learn and PokerStrategy seems the best for this.

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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey Wickam25,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy! :D

      Good to see that you've managed to turn things around and that you'll enjoying the game !

      So whats it like living in Italy? ever considered moving to the UK? :)