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      Hi Pokerstrategy
      I just passed the quiz and got it right, which wasn t really complicated since I play poker.
      However I just got an email on the usual random Id check.
      Now here is my problem. I use to live In Montreal Canada,3 months ago, because I was a student, however I finished and I just moved to my parents In South Africa, Johannesburg. I am here as a Visitor , so I do have a Visitor Visa. However , because my parents are diplomats I just applied for the Residency/Work Permit and sent my passport away. But the good news is that I have multiple photocopies of the passport. What I am about to do is take picture of that with the Visitor Visa which is in it also. The problem is that I live at my parents for the moment and the only proof of adress which is A bill that has my fathers name ( we do have the same last name of course) and the adress I signed up with. So I m wondering what the hell I am supposed to do, if i have to sign up again with my montreal adress , the one on my passport, or actually send this pictures of my passport photocopy with my fathers bill for proof of residence. I know this is complicated but I really would love to have this bonus since I don t own a credit card or put 50 bucks which is quite a lot here in South Africa. So I m wondering what to do , your help and answer would be appreciated.cheers :spade:
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