Deposited $500 only $400 bonus

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    • IngridN
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      Hi Hackett77,

      The pending up to $888 bonus is given to you in the following way:

      If you deposit more than $400, you will receive the first deposit bonus in two steps:

      1. You will automatically get 40 chunks of $10 (= $400) on the day you deposit
      2. From the second day onwards, you will receive 5 chunks of $10 per day (on top of the $400), until you reach the entire bonus amount

      You have to collect 100 bonus points for every 10 dollar of the bonus. So for a bonus of $888 you need a total of 8,900 bonus points (89 x 100). You have 90 days to clear the first deposit bonus.

      In order to claim the entire $888 first deposit bonus you need to deposit a minimum of $888.

      Is this might be the reason of the misunderstanding?
    • Hackett77
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      Thanks Ingrid, yes the remainder appeared yesterday