titan poker stole my money - Now Resolved

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      my name is Vasilis and im from Greece.I'm sorry that my first post has this subject but anyway.

      About 5-6 weeks ago ,without a single notice, titan poker just stopped working in Greece.
      When i try to log in or when i open their site, a message appears "titan poker temporarily unavailiable in greece due to license problems blah bla..for more info and assistance try to contact support@titanpoker.com via email"
      Until today i have sent them about 4 email asking how to GET MY MONEY BACK but i get NO ANSWER.
      They claim to have the best support team.REALLY?
      What's the difference between Titan poker and fulltilt??
      I have waited for too long.
      People should learn NOT TO TRUST TITAN POKER.They stole my money.

      P.S. 1)If someone knows something more please help.
      2)Sorry if it was too hostile,fulltilt players will understand
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