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    • Aerox232
      Joined: 28.04.2011 Posts: 422
      Hi, everyone.
      I been playin MSS sinc zoom poker shoved up, and i played about 20k hands.
      And i recognize that QQ are not profitabling to push pre flop.
      almost every time i go all in whit QQ i face, AA KK AK, and in some case JJ,
      Ok, you think that`s not true and bla bla bla.
      Ok well in NL2 some times I will be against AJ AQ sometimes AT and TT and sometimes like 99. Bet when you go up, you almost every time be against AA KK or AK. agains AK whe save 2 % equity, but we almost all the time lose to AA or KK. Can some one give some reason why we shoud go all in whit QQ ?
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    • MoneyDearest
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 119
      Well, skipping over the discussion that I'm a gambling tilt monkey when I'm hungover, and played some NL25 this morning for kicks, when my limit is NL2...

      I played about 500 hands. Once I pushed with AA, got called by 88, and lost to set. Second time I pushed with JJ, got called with 99.... and lost to set! A third time I had AJo in a steal situation and pushed with 20bb, got called with 55.

      I'm confused, I thought NL25 players would be tighter?? (Dare I say better?)

      Just curious, can someone with more experience tell me if this is common? Wealthy business-man fish, or some advanced tactical play I'm un-aware of?