50$ Question

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      Hello to all :)

      I have some noob questions! :f_cry:

      I registred here some time ago and pased quiz, but i never send my ID for checking, + i saw that i allready put two of my old poker nicks (partypoker and pokerstars) in "Your poker accounts"! is my 50$ still active and is that money going only to new player acc on that sites (because i allready played but never deposit there!)!

      sry for my eng, it's not my native language!

      Edit: i found answer for my question aboute poker rooms!

      "I already have a player account at my preferred poker room!

      You can only receive the $50 at a poker room if you haven't registered with them before. This also applies if you have only played for play money at the specific room. Please choose another room."
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