Prediciment with brm

    • xlesleyx
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      I am currently playing the $7 9maxturbos on stars, i only have 1100 games under my belt with roi of 0.6% (after early downswing)

      My problem is that after bonuses and a $256 mtt cash last night i currently have 71 buyins for the $15 9max turbos on pokerstars.

      Obviously i really want to play higher but i do not want to jump to the $15's because i do not feel i have had enough experience at the $7 games.

      Should i just jump limit and drop down if (when) i lose 10-15bi's?

      All help suggestions would be appreciated as soon as possible thanks guys.
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      Hi xlesleyx,

      Do you Multitable? If so how many tables do you normally play at the same time?

      Say for example you are playing 6 tables, you could split your session into 4x$7 and 2x$15 games to get yourself adjusted.

      It will be interesting to see you think of this idea :)

      Kind regards,
    • NIVEKii
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      Seeing as your ROI is kind of low (but hey, it's a positive one, that's worth something!) I wouldn't take on too many $15's and grind the $7's some more until you feel more comfortable.

      If you really want to play, a mix like HollyMichelle suggested is a good way to adjust. Or you could just say 'I'll give myself a 15 sng shot' and re evaluate afterwards.
    • xlesleyx
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      Cheers guys yeah i 12 table the $7's.

      Going to try mixing the tables maybe 9 x $7 and 3 x $15.

      I think i will grind out another 500 or so $7's and then do 1000 hands on icm trainer adjusted for 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 men :f_confused:

      Cant wait to get going.hope i run like a god 4 a while to let me stay at the $15's :D
    • Castle93
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      always the option to decrease the tables, maybe even just 4 table $15s while you get acjusted