Awesome run (Fish on fire!)

    • Chrisrules334
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      Hey guys,

      I recently switched to Pokerstars to find people can actually play poker there, an i subsequently lost about 200bb in 1000 hands (awful). So I went back to my other poker room (full of massive fish), and have shot up 500bb in 185hands, which is quite nice! I cannot post a graph as I don't have the software. I fortunately had 2 people go all in preflop (34s and AQo) when I held AA - And the other hand that won me massive was AQs hit full house on the flop and 2 people shoved before me (I obliged and called!) winning £5 (or 250bb).

      Also due to a promotion that was on today I will be visiting a live casino for the first time to play a £1000gtd freeroll, so hoping that goes well (I'll let you know though...)

      I will unfortunately have to stop poker between April and June due to professional exam :( but once there done i'll be back!

      :f_p: happy fish
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