Bankroll Just hit $1000

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      Don't care if thats not much to some people or whether or not anyone cares but I'm proud right now. I set $1,000 as a milestone for me and I'm so soo glad to have finally hit it.

      My granddad gave me £500 last year for my 18th and on full tilt I built a bankroll to $500. Then I decided I would cash out, thinking it would be only a few working days before the money hit my account. Then in the mean time, I deposited like $300 on party poker thinking I am only moving money about because money will come from full tilt. Played a bit on party and then all of a sudden tilted and ended up doing a martingale trying to chase my winnings. Lost all of the money i deposited on Party poker. Then what do you know, Black Friday, havent seen the money since. Since i had spent some of the £500 i had only £50 left in my account and felt really ashamed with myself.

      Took a break from poker for a few months. Then i found i had £10 on Betfair from what i used for betting before. Found the games were beatable but ended up losing my bankroll because I wasnt good enough to beat the rake. Ended up depositing £20 which is like $30 and thought id give it one last go. Played again and was about breakeven before I got down to $10. Only then it dawned on me that I should be paying a lower percentage rake. So then I took final shots at the $3.30 30man tourneys - lost the first one, then won the second one for $32.40. Next night i played again and after losing a few I won 2 in a row and was up to $85.

      At this point I found this promotion - Team Betfair wants you. I thought it looked cool and earned enough points to qualify and what do you know I come 5th and then got $10 a day for 60days effectively $600. This then gave me the freedom to play the $3.30 tourneys and since I came 5th I have been playing them. Then when the $10 a day ended I found myself with like $800 i think and was like well I'm not really sure if I'm good enough yet to move up stakes so I'll just keep on playing till i build a 100BI bankroll for $3.30 then I'll withdraw the $600 and get my money bank in my account. So $600 +$330 = $930 round it up and $1000 become my target.

      Today I hit that and finally am able to enjoy the money my granddad gave me for my birthday 1 year and a month on :L.

      This was more about me just getting out my emotions to enjoy my success because there's not many people i can talk about poker with. Anyway thanks for reading and good luck.

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