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Need help with zoom

    • keoghh
      Joined: 01.07.2011 Posts: 857
      Hey guys,

      Like many i have made the transition to zoom. But cant seem to make any profit, or even book a profitable session atm. i have beaten nl2 SH and am profiting from nl5 SH, but zoom SH i cant seem to adjust.

      Would like to see if any1 out there fancies discussing some zoom strategy/sweat sessions, wouldnt mind a coaching/profit sharing deal for zoom from established zoom/rush players.

      Cheers :D
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    • leafguy
      Joined: 12.07.2009 Posts: 1
      I won't pretend to be an expert, as I am just playing the micro limits and am trying to build a bankroll from 25 dollars, but I will toss in my two cents.

      The strategy so far that I have employed is a very basic ABC game. I have stuck to a tight range of hands in early - mid position and open up a bit in late position.
      Typically a lot of players are autofolding and I have noticed a 3 bet raise from late position seems to be pretty profitable.

      Secondly, I have noticed that bluffing isn't worth it at least in the micro limits, as there are still alot of fish. Ive basically employed the strategy of if I don't hit or have alot of outs, just get out of the hand.

      I would say lastly is I have tended to raise hands like AK, AQ etc a lot less. This is two fold as with my current strategy and because what I deem poor play, I raise and would have 2 - 3 callers at a 3 - 4 bet raise, not hit and have to fold as someone else likely did. Also, it has been more profitable to play the flop hard when it does hit and not raise preflop as it has tended to disguise my hand strength. Alot may not agree with it, but so far so good on my end.

      I may end up losing to some blinds, but overall I have felt its been worth it. Ive put in about 6000 hands so far over 10 hours or so playing two tables.

      Im up about 15 dollars or 7.5 buy ins and that includes a very rough session where I lost 3 buy ins to being sucked out on. This is at the .01/.02 limit. I don't know the limits your playing, but I suspect this strat should work for me even into a few limits higher. Time will tell I guess.
    • surfwell1818
      Joined: 18.11.2009 Posts: 137
      I have been at sea with Zoom as well.
      My MSS FR NL5 strategy has been failing at DOOM oops I mean ZOOM.
      I will go back to FR normal NL5 tables to build up the some confidence and wait and see what Zoom tips I can pick up thru the forums.
      The one BIG THING you get at normal tables is you can cruise the LOBBY and find a table with Avg Stack size/VPiP/Plrs Flop that you like that suits your strategy and buy-in amount.
      With choosing to play at ZOOM I am giving up this angle of my game.
      For MSS I find these 3 table stats are a good indicator of if I will have a hope of a good session or not.
      Some Doom tables I played the stacks were huge, like 10 full buy-ins deep.
      MSS is based on a 40 BB Buy-in and Zoom has a min buy-in of 50 BB!
      Any way basically HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP.....
      I'll flip to 888 for a week and swing up my confidence.........