I try to register for SNGs by opening new SNGs: so if 3 "Registering" in the lobby, i join the existing 3 and open a 4th. Then there aren't any "0 of 9" "Registering" SNGs, so I click on "Register To Any" and then I get an error message saying "Number of retries exceeded".

Then I wait for someone else to open more new SNGs and then I join those. It only affects me when I start my session because I play continuous: afterwards I can play more than 4 SNGs at the same time.

This registration problem started last Friday 23rd immediately after I updated the client around 08h00 Server/ET, earlier in the morning around 04h00 Server/ET registration was fine like it always has been.

I uninstalled the client and reinstalled from scratch.

I tried registering with and without PokerTracker 3 running at the same time. Same problem (i dont use any other 3rd party programs).

today i deleted the user.ini file and selected my personal options again manually, as Support thought it might be an options problem.

PokerStars Support suggested above and has been working on this since Friday, thx for their efforts, they've been brilliant sofar

any thoughts?