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General doubts

    • PedroMiguelRP
      Joined: 03.05.2010 Posts: 996
      Hi everyone,

      I have seen some video, mainly in english and I have some doubts about what I heard.

      1. Why is good to push against fish? And should this push be with any2?

      2. How is called the player who call us too wide?

      3. What's the definition of a regular?

      See you,

      Pedro Pereira
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    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 5,966
      Not sure if your questions are for some certain video?

      Anyway here are some opinions:

      1) Fish calling ranges are often quite static and they tend to be playing lot of hands in early stage. So some fish might have stats of 50 vpip, 10 pfr. He is calling/limping a lot to see flops with wide range. It might hit after all, who knows? In late stage when play goes to push/fold style they tend to tighten up as they notice that stack is so small and they don't understand how wide they should call in e.g. BvB spot with 8bb stacks. They might call with good range versus aggro reg shoving 12bb, but that call range might be very similar even versus 6bb shove. So some people might argue that it's not good idea to shove versus 50/10 recreational player as they call so loose, but in reality they might be extremely tight as they barely adjust to changing situations or they might sometime call with T2s, because it is suited.

      2) Call us too wide? In good or bad way? He might be someone who has no idea of ICM (independent chip model) and risk aversion it creates or he might be reg that thinks you are shoving way wider than you are. Anyway you should adjust to your opponents and try to find optimal plays. Your "correct" any2 shove in bubble might be very bad if opponent has static calling ranges and barely no idea of ICM.

      3) Well regular is someone who has at least decent understanding of SNG structure and tactics and is likely playing few tables at same time. Usually they tend to be tight especially in full ring games in early blind levels. In 6max games that might not be the case.