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    • pieal
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      i guess reload bonus is the only way to get some rakeback in 888. all other things SP or covert sp is just crap.... so it will be great if we know how much instant do they give for how much deposit?
      like 1st time i got 10$ for 30$ deposit
      for reload i got 5$ or 25$..
      another time they gave me 5$ for 20$ deposit... so if we know what is the max bonus we can get for a certain amount .. we may go for it :D
      LET US BE A BONUS Whore
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    • CallumN
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      Hi Pieal,

      There is a thread now that players put all the deposit codes they know about in

      If you know a Reload Bonus - post it here!

      When I played on 888, before I deposited I always asked support if they had any deposit bonuses etc at the time. Maybe I was just lucky, but every time I asked them they always had a bonus for me.

      So check in our thread from time to time and also just speak to 888 support that normally pops up when you try to deposit, im sure they will offer you something :)

    • T3rMiT3
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      be carefull with the support, especialy with the one from the cashier... they are very tricky

      I don't know any code for instant bonuses but I think that for 100$ you get only 10$ bonus instant, pretty lame.

      Anyway, if you decide to take a 100% deposit bonus be very carefull with the amount of points needed to receive those 10$ pieces from your 100% bonus...

      One of my friend deposited 90$ after talking with support at the cashier and got the 100% bonus. BUT the ones from the support didn't mentioned that he needed 200points to receive 10$ (instead of 100points for 10$ wich is normal here).

      Now instead of 900points he has to get 1800points wich is double for the same bonus.

      Be carefull so you don't get screwed like him.

      Good luck!