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    • Vip3rNZ
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      Hey i was wondering, is there any way i could qualify for the rwwards for getting gold status? I've been working REALLY hard for ages now to get gold status and then like a few days after i get gold, Pokerstrategy bring out this new promotion where ya get:

      10 StrategyPoints each day for 20 days 200 StrategyPoints
      20x 10 bonus StrategyPoints a day + 200 StrategyPoints
      100 bonus StrategyPoints + 100 StrategyPoints
      $20 cash reward + $20 cash
      Overall Total = Gold status + $20 cash

      For reaching the gold status now. Or did i just luck out on this one? that would be a nice booster for me :D
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    • ArkhamAsylum
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      I can see where you are coming from and in my opinion I would not see how they could if you did not qualify through the promotion. You see, my thinking would be if they did it for you and gave you these things, they may have to do it for a lot of other people as if they did not, that could be seen by others as unfair and may loose them customers.

      Hope you get what I mean.

      Or who knows I could be completely wrong :f_biggrin: I am sure a staff will come along to address this.
    • fruktpuff
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      Hello, Vip3rnz.

      This status promotion will kick off for the month of April, and the goal is just to make it ever so slightly easier to get your target status for that month.

      Unfortunately for you, having just reached Gold, this will not qualify you.

      I feel you've not quite represented the details properly in your post, what really happens is.

      What the actual term of the promotion is, basically comes down to "Make 10 StrategyPoints on any single participating Partner Room for 20 days out of the 31 in April."
      If you do make the 10SP per day for 20 days, you will have gained 400 total StrategyPoints.
      You get 10 SP every day you earn at least 1SP. This is always true, this is an ongoing SP bonus for every day anyone earns at least 1SP.
      100 Bonus StrategyPoints This is rewarded because of the promotion, if you earn 10SP on a participating room, to make the small push from 400 to 500 total earned, for Gold Status.
      $20 Cash Bonus This is just a small extra incentive to go for this promotion, I would personally argue that Gold Status is far higher value than a few dollars, for all the training material it unlocks.

      Basically all you need to do in April, however, is earn 10 StrategyPoints each day for 20 days, which do not have to be consecutive, on a participating Poker Room.

      Which rooms are participating, and how much rake is required to reach the 10 SP are listed in this post.

      On an unrelated , this isn't actually a "new" promotion, we ran an almost identical promotion back in November, except it was only for Gold and did not include Platinum status. Here's the news item for that.

    • ArkhamAsylum
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      Well Vip3rNZ sadly I guess I was right, but don't look at being gold as a bad thing. You got there before the promotion so chances are you can do it repeatedly :) so although some might go for it now because of the bonus. You have the hunger to do it without it, so that is better in my opinion for what it is worth.

      Take care.