AVG blocks 770

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    • oribken
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      i get 2 messages while installing the software
    • support770
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      Hello Oribken,

      From time to time, all antivirus/spyware programs are known to make mistakes and to produce so-called "false-positives" and treat perfectly harmless programs as an adware or malwares. That could be the reason for which you received those pop-ups. If it is the case then your AVG antivirus will probably prevent our software to connect to the internet.

      What I would recommend is to first of all, add our software to your anti-virus’ white-list.

      Now if our software is not properly installed (the tournaments are not loading or other inconveniences of this type), you should delete all the cookies from your computer, uninstall the Poker770 software, disable your antivirus, download the lobby again and then reactivate the antivirus.

      We can assure you that the Poker770 software do not carry any kind of adware or spyware.

      Let me know if you need any further assistance!


    • MarkQuick
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      Hi oribken,

      Is everything ok now? Were you able to install the Poker770 software? If you require further assistance please reply to this post, or send us a new CS ticket and we'll be happy to help.

      Thanks for dropping by and helping out support770.

      Take it easy,

    • oribken
      Joined: 15.05.2011 Posts: 29
      I am sure I can get it working. Thank you all for your replies. When AVG prompts me, I hit allow. But i think that disrupts the download too much and it false. There were other post about the iPoker networking being down that particular day so I just gave up.

      I'm working on clearing the 888 bonus now for fun. 20% cleared. I'll be sure to hop on poker 770 when I clear that.