The Weekly Freebie provides great strategy content for the community, totally free. This week, BogdanPS takes you through practical use of Hold'em Manager 2's tracking software in an analysis video. Members: Hold'em Manager 2 Discount Until April 15

Hold'em Manager 2 is the most powerful tracking and HUD (heads-up display) software available for online poker players. members can purchase Hold'em Manager 2 at a discount price - the cheapest available! members can purchase Hold'em Manager 2, Omaha Manager 2 or the combination package featuring both programs for up to 59% less than the regular retail price plus an exclusive, branded version of Hold'em Manager 2. This offer is valid until April 15.

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Omaha Manager software

Small stakes tracks up to $0.25/$0.50 No Limit/Pot Limit, $0.50/$1 Fixed Limit, $22 MTTs/SnGs; Pro tracks all limits.

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