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Another grinder with big hopes :)

    • flekozub
      Joined: 19.02.2012 Posts: 102

      another small stakes grinder here! Plan is to make something with my poker. In the past I was playing up to 200 and 400, mostly underrolled. That's one of my big leaks: awful BRM. Eventho I know that it's impossible to bet pro poker player wo good BRM somehow I always end up shooting w 5-10bi and cursing myself after getting coolered twice, moving down 2-3 limits after that.
      Another leak which bother me last few months is tilting. I'm actually living from poker, didn't have winning month last 5 months and bills don't stop coming.
      Situation is that I have money for 2-3 months of living, hopefully it will last longer as I have part-time job which take me only ~6h per week and it can cover almost all my bills. I've never been so careful w money, really trying to not spend it on unnecessary things.
      My biggest problem is that I don't really care a lot about money, it really doesn't mean anything to me and with gambling (sports betting and casino) past I sometimes look and threat poker the same way. Eventho I don't care about money, I still feel pressure these days when I'm almost broke coz I want to help at home and not living from my parents as I didn't took any money since I turned pro (~2y). That would make me feel like sh*t if things will come to that way.
      Otherwise I have gf and really love soccer. Barcelona fan here :heart:

      I believe if I become better in theory and math, my tilting would decrease as I would know if I'm doing something good or bad as bad beats don't really tilt me near as much as my bad decisions. Because of that I'll try to focus more on studying game and playing less tables/focus etc.

      Currently I have stake for nl50 w very good deal, but short term plan is to grind my own 30-40BIs for that level and quit. After that would like to use some nitty brm and grind my way up to midstakes. Future plans are plo hu or 6max.

      Study plan (found this on another forum, looks really good):
      1. Posting at least 1 hand per day strategy discussion forum
      2. Comment 2 other hands
      3. Watch video every 3 days and write notes here
      4. Math calculations every 2 days, write it here
      5. Review marked hands at start of the day

      Short-term plan: (2-3 months)
      1. Following "Study plan"
      2. Make 2k my own roll
      3. Improve game
      4. Avoid tilting

      Mid-term plan: (till end of year)
      1. Following "Study plan"
      2. BRM
      3. Midstakes shoot
      4. Great mindset

      Long-term plan:
      1. PLO
      2. Solid roll
      3. ???

      Lifetime 6max graph (nl50>>>nl100>nl25>nl200>nl400...):

      I'm not sure what's the best BRM but 50BI for next level with 10BI shoot should be fine till nl200. After that I think it's must to have at least 100BIs.

      Thanks for your time, advices are more than welcome.
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    • cozacu
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 1,379
      I`m not sure i can give you any advice but i want to tell you congrats for the lifetime effort,it's a nice graph and it shows that you do know what you`re doing.

      About BRM all i know is that @25BI should be fine at the micros(but you have to incrase that number as you go to midstakes @50BI) if you have money and don't really care for that you could deal with micros with @20BI roll(TT opinion and i agree) but most importantly it's what BRM +25BI you`re feeling comfortable with ... for example i`m playing NL10 and feel ok with a minimum 40BI`s... that's how i feel good that's how i do it.Just figure out what works for you,and when you do,stick with it! :)

    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Welcome to our blogging section!

      Good structured goals are key to success! And you've got that part nailed down pretty well it seems.

      I'm happy to see you've incorporated the hand evaluation forums in your goals, one of the best tools available to anyone when secondguessing yourself!

      Looking forward to reading more here!

    • flekozub
      Joined: 19.02.2012 Posts: 102
      Last 3 days were swingy poker wise and rl wise. Didn't had lot of time so my volume was really low. Actually played the most last 24hours.

      About study plan, I posted 2 hands here and discussed few hands w friends on skype.
      Listened about half of theory video from blah234, will write some notes later.
      About math calc will work on that later, probable should start with some basic ones (like pf) as I'm not very good at it.

      Was tilting when I saw down few stacks eventho most of them were coolers and that's big problem for me.
    • flekozub
      Joined: 19.02.2012 Posts: 102
      Mostly coolers and tilted 2-3 stacks. I had nice conversation with my coach/staker yesterday about tilting and I strongly believe that I'll improve in that part in future.
      Actually after decent run last time I moved up to nl100 and lost 3BIs in 15mins (all pf) and that was euro site so about 500$ minus here are nl100.

      I made bet with friend that I'll do 100h of grinding this month, I really need to put some volume to build my own bankroll + I have some benefits from staker if make 30BI profit in a month so that should be solid motivation.

      Not really following "Study plan" but at least I'm playing a ton, it would be easier to follow it when I will have decent roll, not thinking about money so much.

      My promised Apex predator 4th episode notes, it's awesome video, there were 2 hand examples in the middle of video, I highly recommend everyone to watch this whole series, my plan is to watch it one more time for sure.

      - = auto pilot , taking line without thinking about villain's range and tendencies
      - there is no „right play“, only the most +EV play
      - there is no stupid plays in poker, only stupid plays based on wrong assumptions

      3barrelling set against agro guy doesn't have to always be the most +EV play, but not 3barrelling passive guy with set is FPS

      - figure out how villain thinks, find standard lines in their games, why are they doing smthg and how that have sense
      - everybody thinks differently -> don't process your own thought process into the villain
      - it's more useful how villain plays marginal hands and bluffs as that hands will be more common than made hands/nuts
      - GOAL: find spots where villain has weak range or strong range
      - We don't need SD to take reads

      Villain floats you -> he must thinks you bluff a lot -> ADJUST: cbet flop, check turn for value

      3. USING READS
      - Construct our range to exploit villain's range
      (villain strong range -> we don't slowplay or payoff
      weak range -> we apply pressure
      villain pressure - > show up with strong ranges)
      - Optimize hands vs villan's standard line
      (Use unbalanced ranges vs their unbalanced ranges
      Don't value bet thin everyone
      One life is good as bluff, find different for value)

      We use b x b line and we face fold on K72rxx and face a call w 88 -> thin vbet in this spots, mostly don't bluff

      - Don't worry about balancing your range
      - Careful hand select when you expect lot of pressure
      - Start w default assumptions and adjust your range
      - It's ok to assume wrong, get owned, lost money UNTIL you ADJUST later!
      - Use stats as a guide only

      If you are expect lot of pressure (3 barrelling) don't call pf with marginal hands, like calling 2 streets and fold river is just burning money.

      - Treat each villain as and individual
      - Work on EV and match
      - Focus on assumptions and why are they good or bad and against who
      - Construct unique ranges vs each villain in every spot
      - Constantly take a look at our range based on reads and optimize

      Playing draws OOP because you've seen it in coaching video isn't always right play against specific opponent.

      Everybody who sits at tables are trying to win some money. They all have some logic in thought process (plays that they think are most +EV) and patterns in his play.
      USE IT
    • vonki
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 6,091
      Nice blog :) I shall follow with interest!