lost £50!

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      So a cash game in casino, 10 people sat down. I bought in with min. buyin £50, blinds are £1/£2 Up and down for an hour or so then comes to me Ah Ad. I now have £58. Happy days.

      I am BB, 4 callers I raise to £12 and get 3 callers. Pot now £44
      Flop comes - Jh 3h 7h

      I bet £25. 1 man folds, next man raises enough to make me have to call all in, next guy folds. I call. Figure he has the flush, but I'm not scared.

      Pot size now £136

      Show - he shows 7c 7d

      Now I'm scared. But I'm still in this.

      Turn - Kh

      Boom nut flush, buzzing. Already spending the money.

      River - Jc

      Mamma mia. Head in hands. Adios.
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