thirty fucking dollars thats all I ask for

I have tried to withdraw thirty dollars on hill i forgot was there and they refuse to send it to me

there playing this fuking game i cant stand to play anymore

This has happen 4x now in the past week, I withdraw the next day it shows back up on my account.

Three times there reps ahve said weare monitoring the situation and ensure your funds will go through well guess what

This is getting a bit insane, to be told something and in reality they arent watching it and obviously dont care

Considering once again like, you guys promote depositing on this site only to get fucked by them just like WPT

Is there anyway you can send an e-mail confirming Im a real person or whatever the fuck there problem is

I have sent my photo id twice its been accpetd so what the hell is the problem ??? I mean its only thirty bucks and there reps are fuckin stupid telling me 3 different times nothing is wrong when clearly it wass.

The last rep yesterday had me wait 20 mintes so her "secuirty" team could tell me I reversed the funds myself..what a load of crap!