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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, rap1dw1n3r

      I just looked on the web for this program, but tbh I never tried it. I was using ICM trainer when I first started playing SnG to improve my push/fold game and ranges were very similar to nash. If this program has exactly the same ranges as nash does (as the name suggests) I would say that it's is a somewhat good starting point, but not optimal. Especially on the lower stakes SnG where I much rather play exploitable game style. To play nash, we should assume that our opponents also play nash. Nash is an non-exploitable strategy. I would only use it vs good regs that are familiar with it and I know I don't have an edge against them. On lower stakes, I think it's much better to play an exploitable strategy adjusting to our opponent's tendencies as it's much easier to gain an edge. Let's just put it this way- if you have an idea what your opponent's push/calling range will be- use SnG wizzard(not available for android I think) instead by adjusting it's default ranges(which are way off), if not- use nash trainer/icm trainer. I am sorry I can't answer your question fully, but I hope I helped you understand what's the point of using nash in your late game and how it helps you.

      If there is anyone else who likes to contribute-please do so.
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      Yeh I did understand ya thanks a lot.