HM2 HUD problem on PS and WPT

    • amater0001
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      I have a problem, probably a bit stupid.

      On most of poker rooms HM2 works well-
      But on WPT room HUD doesnt work (on right corner it says "waiting for hands").
      The same problem is on stars, but only on tournament tables, on cash games it works ok (i dont play sit'n'gos).
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    • netsrak
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      Make sure your pokerclients are installed in english language.

      WPT: does the pokerclient write handhistories? Is the folder for this handhistories added to the HM2 auto-import folders? Can you import the hands manually?

      Stars: the non-english stars client is probably the reason for this. You can change the language in the Client language menu or whatever it is called in your selected language :D