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    • Cakara
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      I want to start clearing first deposit bonus on titan soon. OK, I know it is 600$ which is released $10 steps per $35 rake but how much rake I produce daily?. Poker tracker and poker grapher shows different results. So I tried to do following calculation. I currently play at party and receiving ~130 strategy points per day so assuming that i will play same at titan that would be ~32$ rake per day (4SP per 1$ rake on titan so I assume that strategy points collection is approximatly same for both platforms) so if I play just little more i would be able to clear bonus in 60 days.( I curently play 2x 0,5-1$FR + 1x 0,25-0,5$FR). Just hope am not to confusing.
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    • ManniXXX
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      No, you can't work it out like that, Strategy points are earned differently at each site.

      If you want to know then just play for a day and then ask Online Support how much rake you've generated for that day (week/month).

      I'm having problems with the first deposit bonus tbh. I was owed $20 for about 2 weeks and recieved nothing until I emailed support. I was owed $20 again last monday and thursday, received nothing on monday and only $10 on thursday. I'm due another $20 on Monday once again but I'm not exactly holding my breath.