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    • asimos
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      Here is a Villain that although i think his overall strategy is extremely exploitable, I do loose a lot of money vs him. What are his leaks and how could i take advantage of them?

      Villain is
      vp:40 /pr:28 /Afq:29 /fold 3bet:74% /call 3bet:17% /4bet:9% over 545 hands.

      FLOP: cbet flop:76%/ fold cbet:30% / Afq flop:52% / c/r flop 15%
      TURN: cbet turn 38%/ fold turn cbet:50% / Afq turn:51&
      RIVER: fold to bet:69%

      My notes of him.
      [f-donk/ c-call turn / c river] donk fd+TP QJss on Qxxss / c-call turn/ check river when flush completed to induce a bet
      [r-raise small bet ] raised small bet 1
      [turn-c/c-c/r] c-call flop / c/r turn J75T
      [t-raise] call flop cbet/ turn raise TT34
      [3bet-pot] flat 3bet ip KQ / call shove Qxx
      [3bet-pot] flat K2s ip / call 3streets KQxxx

      ps: I plan to post other Villain's profiles too, if there is response to this thread.
      I think that this could be a good approach to get improved.
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    • Lazza61
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      Villain appears to be playing LAG style. Best strategy is to try and play in position. 3Bet or float preflop. He also likes to CBet flop alot and again you can just call, looking to raise him or take it away from him on the turn if he shows weakness or if a scare card hits. His CBet % drops significantly on the turn which suggests he CBets a lot of missed flops. 69% fold to bet on river would also suggest maybe he chases draws.
      Key is always play LAGs in position.