50$ problem

    • vitenass
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      Hey, so first of all sorry for my English.

      Umm, so i just came back to my roots on poker, passed the quiz the pokerstrategy site offered me, then i chose a poker770 room to get my bonus and then i did everything correct, used the cupon code 5x10 and when i used it they told me that i will get my first 10$ immediatelly, but after like 30minutes or so i still see zero's in my balance, so i just wanted to ask maybe i did something wrong in some steps or this is just transfering not so fast as i expected ?

      Hope you guys understood me and hope you will help me, thanks.
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    • MMPokerNab
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      hey vitenass!

      here's how it went for me: (you'll need to check your e-mail inbox)

      after completing the quiz i received an e-mail from pokerstrategy titled "Your starting capital: Confirm your registration" - after sending scan of my ID, in a day or two i got another e-mail from pokerstrategy titled "Your starting capital is on the way". In it, it says you will get your first $10 chunk within 48 hours. :)

      finally, you will receive e-mails from both poker770 and pokerstrategy titled "Your first payment of $10 bonus has been credited to your account !"
      then you definitely got your money!

      hope this helped. ^^
      also, don't forget you need to rake $0.5 (collect 15 Points770 (2.5 Strategy Points), it isn't very hard) every week in order to get another $10 chunk. you can read more info here.

      see you around and good luck. :f_p:
    • vitenass
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      Oh, thank you very much, i forgot to verify my ID. Thank you, again !
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      Thanks MMPokerNab!

      Are you all set now vitenass?

      Don't hesitate to ask if you need any help!

      Kind regards,
    • vitenass
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      Yes i think everything is going well, i just got my id accepted and now i am waiting for my bonus, which should be transfered into my account within 48 hours
    • gadget51
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      Excellent news vitenass, glad you got that soted out satisfactorily now!

      Remember, we are always here if you need anything else ok? :)

      Have fun and best regards,