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1Mil SuperStar Showdown - Isi vs Hax

    • hackbinder
      Joined: 15.05.2009 Posts: 618
      Now, I am a micro stakes rec player. I do not understand the high stakes game at all, much less high stakes HU.

      For the first time, I watched the Superstar Showdown where Blom and Haxton played each other with 500K each huforrollz.

      I expected to see elegant plays, bluffs being set up, each guy imposing his will on the other through skill and art. I admit that I probably didn't understand most of what I saw.

      If poker is war with money, then I expected to see a fencing match.

      What I saw was two guys bludgeon each other, with whoever ran the best being the winner. Granted, it isn't over (it resumes tomorrow), but is this what the high stakes game is all about? Bludgeoning each other with money?

      If poker is a war with money, then I saw two guys kicking each other in the junk until one of them can't take it anymore.

      I do not mean this sarcastically at all, I ask this with a humble and open mind...

      Can someone explain to me what I just saw? Please?
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    • BObamaJr
      Joined: 29.01.2012 Posts: 232
      What was the result? I heard they each committed 500K.
    • ragney
      Joined: 02.08.2010 Posts: 2,417
      Well Heads up is different than any other poker variant. I watched for 20mins, the skill level up there is high. Seen some decent spots, sick valuebet (like $6000 on river with K-high vs villain's Q-high) and some nice calls vs triple barrels.

      You cannot bluff every pot, in high stakes you have to balance it out. So if you expect so see alot of bluffs you won't get it, because for every bluff they do they need to compensate with a real valuebet to balance things out, to gain edge from the villain.
    • TheMoment
      Joined: 16.12.2011 Posts: 229
      there is really thin edge between those two players. And it's only 12BI they are playing with.

      probably the one who will run beter will win it, but in long term, that small edge would add up and one would win a lot from other.
    • ragney
      Joined: 02.08.2010 Posts: 2,417
      Originally posted by BObamaJr
      What was the result? I heard they each committed 500K.
      Isildur was up $200.000 at one point where I stopped watching, thats 5 stacks. Considering they play somewhat deep, plus headsup poker, it wouldn't surprise me that Isildur lost.
    • 1984ioc
      Joined: 16.07.2011 Posts: 712
      Isilidur finished up 198,000 today with play resuming tom at the same time it started today.

      @ OP These 2 players are in the top 5 players in the world at HUNL.Their level of thinking is way beyond most of us.There is very little edge between them so of course rungood will be a factor when only a few 1000 hands are played.It's also very hard for us to know what's happening as we can not see their hole cards nor would they want spectators to know what they have unless it goes to showdown so actually the vast majority of hands we have no idea what is going on.By you saying "bludgeoning" etc is actually them just being aggressive which if they weren't then they would be eaten alive.And i will say it again without us seeing their hole cards it's very hard for us to know what is going on.Just enjoy the game and all the swongs.It's far from over.