can't catch a break

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      that was today's session. Yesterday was similar except that I managed to catch some good hands at the end and just about break even; but who wants to stare at 6 tables for 6 hours and break even.

      A quick overview of those hands:
      hand 1
      I have QQ in the BB and the SB was a total maniac so I was definitely going broke preflop. He had AA and turned a set of aces

      hand 2
      This was the most gross hand I've played in a long time. I had AA with A of diamonds and villain had KK (NO DIAMOND). The money went in on the turn. At that point villain had one card (ONE) and one street left. I am about 98% favourite to win. Guess what comes on the river :s_cry:

      hand 3
      standard river flush

      hand 4
      how can you lose with KK and there's a K on the flop? Well it simple, villain must have AA and an A must also come on the flop X(

      hand 5

      hand 6
      money went in on the turn and if you guessed AT, well you'd be right

      hand 7
      Villain was playing the old A8 monster.

      I'm sure I lost some tilty pots as well, but come on.

      As Antonio Esfandiari would say.. this is fun, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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      nice session.
      guess mine could be like that, but i stopped at 2 bi because i felt tilt creeping (ended yesterday 2 bi down too) :f_p: can't hit vs fish, worse rivercards arrive etc :D

      this is just our mindset being tested, definitely
    • thebaptist333
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      today is a new day :]

      I guess I should be happy that I played 2k+ hands, catching my fair share of bad beats and coolers, but still managed to stay somewhat composed.

      You'll notice that I was making a comeback till the poker gods decided that I needed another dose of doom.

      That hand right at the end where I dropped +-1BI was the QQ vs AA against the maniac.