[NL2-NL10] NL10 JTs limped pot

    • jozata
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      Pacific, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players

      MP: $1.55 (15.5 bb)
      CO: $6.10 (61 bb)
      BTN: $12.85 (128.5 bb)
      SB: $10.28 (102.8 bb)
      Hero (BB): $10 (100 bb)
      UTG: $10.48 (104.8 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with T J
      UTG calls $0.10, MP folds, CO calls $0.10, 2 folds, Hero checks

      Flop: ($0.35) 7 8 A (3 players)
      Hero bets $0.35, UTG raises to $1.60, CO folds, Hero calls $1.25

      Turn: ($3.55) T (2 players)
      Hero checks, UTG bets $3.55, Hero raises to $8.30 and is all-in, UTG calls $4.75

      River: ($20.15) J (2 players, 1 is all-in)

      Villain VPIP/PFR/AF/WSD/Hands PFR EP-0( 4 cases)
      The sample is small.Although his stats look reasonable, he has open- limped 4 times so far from EP so his range probably consists of small PPs and some SCs. My draw is pretty strong but the SPR is pretty big -28 so I dont like getting it in on the flop. Is calling his raise a good option?
      My hand slightly improves but since he bets whole pot I doubt that the T is of any real help. What is thebest play here- call turn, jam river if improved;
      jam turn; fold turn?
      If I jam the turn I need 41% equity
      Vs this range I am way behind

      Board: 7s8sAcTh
      Equity Win Tie
      MP2 31.88% 31.88% 0.00% { JsTs }
      MP3 68.13% 68.13% 0.00% { 88-77, A8s-A7s, 87s, QsJs, As9s, Ts9s, As6s, As5s, 6s5s, As4s, As3s, As2s, A8o-A7o, 87o }

      Is this range reasonable? So can I simply play c/f turn?
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    • veriz
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      Hello jozata,

      His limping range is mainly PPs there, pretty easy Check/Fold the turn. :( Your equity is never going to be good enough there, even against 2pairs you don't do good.

      Best Regards.