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    • biogas
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      Sup lads,
      so as I am casual player and don't really spent much time reading forum, I've realized that some posts should be of very high value. But to find them one needs to spend some time reading post etc, so ppl like will miss them. So my idea is to think of the way to find these posts and put them somewhere easily accessible. E.g. if someones writes a very decent post on whatever poker topic (could be some theoretical thoughts on something, or just very good hand analysis, anything of spectacular value), mods could redirect to "peer review" or members could vote (or some other way of deciding whats is worth and whats not) and if the post passes some strict requirements it gets posted in the strategy section (or somewhere else) where anyone can find them quickly and now that is good stuff.
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    • pleno1
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      Hey Biogas,

      We were actually discussing this internally yesterday and agreed it would be a fantastic idea.

      It will take a little while to gather all the old threads, but I assure you we are onto it at the moment and in due time will be a part of the forum.

      I will add you on the community tool and send you a message once the thread is up.