Winrate on BB & SB in FL HU

    • YohanN7
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      You go first :f_biggrin:

      EDIT: Had to change the title of this thread slightly. Of course, nobody will ever publish their numbers if they are actually called losing, so loserate->winrate in title. Here are my (losing) numbers for HU (BB/100) over a few thousand hands:

      BB: -0.08
      SB: +0.02

      Oh, yes, the rake ... I'm not sure wether that is included here. I probably pay huge rake, so that is most likely not included. [I play HU just to learn for now ...]

      I think that I have played poorly HU and have also been running badly at the same time, no doubt. Obviously, these two numbers need to add up to something positive, but what can I expect if I improve my game? BB ought to be negative unless the opposition is truly horrible, but SB really need to be much better, but how much better?

      /Johan = :f_confused:
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    • taavi1337
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      -0.95 BB/100 from BB
      +6.25 BB/100 from SB

      24k hands, including 9k hands from 3/6 where the chip structure is 1:3. At 3/6 my BB winrate is positive! 0.175 BB/100, but still.

      Obviously there are many factors that have a great effect on these numbers, such as luck, skill, rake (!).
    • redskwerl
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      couple hundred k hands, various limits
      sb: +7.35
      bb: -0.76