HU Semi-Bluff with Top Pair+Flush Draw

    • metza
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      Was this play OK against an opponent who was calling 3xBB PF raise very loosely? :

      HU sit and go, I have about 1700 chips, he has 1300. I am SB/Button

      My hand KQ (king clubs, queen spades)

      I raise to 120 preflop, he calls 80.

      Pot 240, Flop: K 7 2 (all spades)

      He bets 240, I reraise all in. This might sound a bit over the top, but he was c-betting pot sized (with AFq of about 80), so I put him on nothing or middle/bottom pair. Usually I would stop his c-bets with a min re-raise and he'd fold middle pair or worse, but this time with top pair, decent kicker and flush draw I wanted to make it look like a bluff, so that he calls with a weaker king, or even a flush draw.

      He calls and shows K7o. No spades come to save me. He went on to beat me with 69o hitting runner-runner 2 pair in a later hand.

      Was this alright? I still had all the spades as outs if I was behind, and believed I was almost definitely ahead in the first place and that he would most likely call with any king.
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    • luckygan2002
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      Hi there,

      I guess you played it nicely, but got unlucky when he got 2 pair in flop but sometimes you also gotta know to fold your hands i guess, but you'll learn everything here. Take a look at the Videos, read articles etc. and maybe also open your own blog (really helps iguess)

      By the way, which site do you play. I play on 888

    • kiromanAAKK
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      Well, despite the fact that you got TP on the flop, and that villain is aggro or what-so-ever, I think to shove all-in your hand on the flop is a bit excessive and show a bit of "lose-of-patience" really that isn't good indication of great mindset specially in Heads Up.

      There, when you make such strong move you will only be called from hands that beat you like exactly what has happen in that hand.

      You should keep patience and wait for better spot usually it came the time when you will take eventually all his stake.

      In poker specially in HUs is all about patience! ;)

      please don't take this my post as a statement Im learning myself at moment

      GL :)
    • luckygan2002
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      Hey KiromanAAkk,

      Excellently put mate, nice post ;)
    • Manova
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      Huh I disagree I think the play was good, it was a bit of a cooler and even with that hand he has only 54 % to hold it. I don't think he would play a flush like that and AsKx would play a bit diffrent I guess. Other hands we are beating or at least have a good equity to beat them on later boards
    • savage1981
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      You can call and let him continue bluffing, since there is alsmost no cards you're afraid of, or you can raise for value for value like you did.