Party Poker stole fom me!!!

    • nkostov
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      I ware playing freerolls in the past 2 weeks and i wokred hard to get some money and now they are gone cause this stupid poker platform stole from me with this lame excuse: inactve account transfer

      I have this account in over 2 years, this shit never happend and what the F is this now?

      04/05/2012 Inactive Account Fee $*,** USD 2219611** Success

      I was playing almost every day, so how the F. am I inactive???????????????

      And there was no warning, no mail, no nothing, just a cold blooded steal over the night. (tipcal for thieves)!

      Does anyone expirianse this kind of bullshit?
      Or maybe some simular ones!

      Can some of the moderators do something about this,

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    • mancikaa
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      And are you the same guy who runnes with the name "boamadu" and spammed the forum already full with cursing several room? :coolface:
    • taavi1337
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      I think your money is probably in this guy's account:

      frufulhe to shufulhe
    • IngridN
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      Hi nkostov,

      Have you contacted the poker room regarding this? If yes, what did you receive as a reply?

    • Borisian
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      It's not in my account any more but I think they might have stashed it there for a few minutes.
    • nkostov
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      First of all, I am not spammer mancikaa as you can see this is my second post! LOL I have my own problems so if you cant help me than stop make things worse!
      Thx taavi1337 , I can see that PartyPoker have some technical’s errors but in my case they explained to me theirs steal with this stupid, lame, and pathetic attempt for excuse:

      04/05/2012 Inactive Account Fee $*,** USD 2219611** Success

      So I don’t think that it is some kind of an error!!

      Yes IngridN , I did wrought a mail to them but I dint received any answer till now. I tried this online chat but they don’t respond! Typical!
      I bet that they will come up with some stupid "we are so sorry, but..." answer after 2 days, and than I will reply to them and I don’t get anything (answer of my money) back from them! Like I said before: THIEVES

      I just don’t get it how can they be that stupid, for some pocket change to risk public humiliation and losing clients?
    • Heffron89
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      Next time READ the rules u accept to when signing up.
    • Targetme
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      so thats how there getting back the 20k they misclick gave me
    • bradomurder
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      i got an email from them after being inactive for a year or something saying if i don't log in soon i'd get stolen from. weird but at least they emailed me. are you sure you didnt just delete/junk thier email?
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      Hi nkostov,

      Any update from Party Poker yet? I see you have been playing freerolls... this would not qualify as real money play. Therefore you could would be "inactive" in Party's software unless you are generating Party Points from real money play.

      Let us know what they say :)

    • JBCD71
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      Same thing happened to me and i never got a e-mail or anything to warn me they were gonna take my money out.I am also experiencing problems with getting a a free trip to Florida i won on their site.Nine months ago and still waiting for their e-mail.Its not the first time either.And PartyPoker is my favourite site.It saddens me to have this happen.Ingrid is looking into it for me.Talk to her maybe she can do something for you.She is careing and wanting to help players get issues resolved.I just sent her my evidence i won the package.Ignore the bullies in this forum theres alot of them.John