Best money maker game?

    • noz03
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      Im not expecting to get rich quick or anything like this but Id like to build my bankroll as fasst as psosible and try to make a little bit of cash. What type of game would be the best way to do this?? stts? mtts? cash games? or some kind of special game like double/trebble your money tournys, etc?
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    • pavels4444
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      60s and 100s HU SnG on pokerstars :) def give it a shot!!
    • Tunatic
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      So simple.

      Buy-in to a $20 tournament with 1000+ players, win it, there's your fortune.
    • bradomurder
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      9-man sng is best reliability:winrate I think.

      mtts or multitable-sng are the best long run but more complex to play and variance rapes
    • jonnyjm
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      6-max Hold'em/PLO
    • Slurpee
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      i think it really depends on your skill/play style. maybe one specific game really works for a certain player, doesn't mean you will get the same results.

      try a few games yourself, and if you're just new to poker don't be in any rush to increase your bankroll. just focus on playing solid TAG and beating the players on your limits, and in time if you do this the bankroll will come on its own.
    • gadget51
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      Hi there noz03, I hope you are having a good day? :)

      Ok, so if you need to ask, you obviously don't know the answer, but that's good and well done for even asking! I suggest you join the no Limit Beginners Course and see if you like that; hey, it's run by an expert and it's free = no brainer if you ask me. :rolleyes: It's the obvious way to learn and the coach is very nice, friendly and patient...I know, I've done the course myself. :f_biggrin:

      The link is at the bottom of this post if you would like more information, I can really recommend it and the coach (yes I'm biased, he is that good).

      There are a lot of other options I can offer, but I suggest you get to bronze status and it opens up so many avenues.

      Also, Slurpee is absolutely correct, you don't rush into things with poker, a bankroll is most sensibly built on a foundation of patience and determination, not which type of game you play.
      But keep asking questions and you will keep getting good advice from our brillaint Pokerstratey members!

      Best regards and have fun,

    • noz03
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      Thanks for all th replies. Maybe I should have narrowed it down a little bit. So new question...

      For a beginner, which is better? cash games or sng??

      For example its obvious that heads up is great cash earner but takes years to master, im looking for a game that I can easily grind on as a beginner without months and months of practice?

      Btw Ive been playing semi serious for the last 2 months now so im not a complete fish any more. Played both cash games and sng (mostly sng so far)
    • OarrO
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      personally for me Hyper 6-man SnGs are a fast way to get that bankroll up.

      at the low stakes theres loads of traffic if you click a 4/6 $1.50 you won't get in it's that fast :s_biggrin:

      I'm like yourself not a complete fish (i was bronze status last week) but far from a master i turned $15 into $450 in 2 days and then lost it in 2 hours playing the $30 Hyper SnGs (obviously out my league and dreadful BR management) But since I've been grinding the $1.50 for 5 days with a profit of about $170 without any downswings and improving my game which I'm starting to realise is much more important than $/hr!

      but it's suited to me i don't enjoy cash games because a few bad beats can cost you a considerable amount of your bankroll and although i love mtt and normal/turbo SnGs i find my patience starts to lack when there is only $1.50 at stake for a 45min-2hr SnG where as hypers are wrapped up in 15 minutes i started 2 tabling and am now 4 tabling so i do 16 SnGs an hour.

      well that's my 2 cents!
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey noz03,

      I see you're still a Basic member, have you thought of getting yourself tracked on one of our Poker Rooms? do you also know about our Free $50?

      I would say that playing Cash is the best choice, as you can start off in NL2 and even if you run very bad whilst learning you'll be losing the minimum and learning alot throughout, as Gadget said, The NL Beginners course is perfect for you!

      The course will help you grasp the basics on Poker using the BSS(Big Stack Strategy) where you join the table with 100Big Blinds.
      You will start of by creating your own "Locker Room" thread where you introduce yourself to the School & Coach, this is also used to post your future homework tasks into, for marking.
      You can also use the Locker Room thread for any questions you wish to ask the schools Coach, such as:
      :diamond: 3 Players have limped/called, I have 6 :heart: 7 :heart: , what should I do and why?
      :diamond: How can I avoid Tilting so much?
      :diamond: How do you define a "Loose" Player
      Ask absolutely anything! There is no such thing as a stupid question :)

      Once you have your Locker Room thread created, you can begin the learning! We have 8 Lessons for you to study, along with a Homework task with each. You will start out learning "An Introduction to Texas Holdem" & "Your Poker Mindset", you'll then move on to various subjects as you progress through the course such as "Postflop Play" and "Odds".
      There is no rush to complete each lesson, you can take as long as you wish, or even as fast as you like! :]

      The course will point you in the right direction, aiming you towards the most appropriate Articles & Videos suitable for a Beginner, you'll also be able to attend our Live Coaching Sessions hosted by our School coach Veriz. In this you'll be able to watch the Coach Play Micro Limits in Real Time, see how he plays, ask him why he plays specific hands in different ways.

      Don't let the "Beginner" put you off, I was playing Poker for many months and felt I was pretty good, i then joined and passed the course myself, to this day it was the best decision I've ever made throughout my years playing poker!
      If you have any questions, or anything your unsure about, feel free to ask us! :)