Hello guys,this blog is for those,who has software curse on them.Every pocket KK open raised facing an Ace on flop,pocket AA open raised facing minimum 2 opponents calling your raise and hitting THE set,and of course the most vulnerable your 3bet with AA gets called by stupid idiot with small pocket pair hitting the set.Question arises is that guy so stupid,or the pokersite want to kill you? With all pokersite issues ,i still manage to make break- even game with good bankroll managment,but i can not to keep robot volume playing more than 10 000 k hands per day,to earn money with rakeback. Now my working place is on pokerstars ,at this moment i will try to earn 100 $ playing nl5 Fr . Dont know how much hands i will need to achieve this,my guess no less than 100k,playing 2k-3k hands per day seems like whole month in action,and because of lack in motivation,this mission are inpossible .Time will show.I hope other students with the same issues will make some comments about thair progress .Thanks