A very important question

    • shloogy
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      Hello every1!

      I really enjoy the videos and the content.

      i have a serious question.

      I play poker about a year, but just recently i started to think about it seriously.
      my question is, u said that in order to advance i need to play a sss and earn some cash to increase my bankroll.over the last year I couldn't find EVEN ONE SINGLE earner on Full tilt poker, and i proved it by using idle miner for two months.every body just behind!

      So i assume that there must be players here that plays sss on full tilt, so are u bluffing your self or am I really wrong?( ???)

      further more, even in the presented videos after 40 min each, they don't win!

      thanks in advance,
      i rally looking forwards to an answer.
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    • TribunCaesar
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      Hi shloogy

      We advise to play SSS to build your bankroll, because it´s pretty easy to learn the strategy and win money with it. It realy works. A lot of people started playing Poker with SSS. Some switched to BSS and some still play SSS on high limits. Take Xylere as an example. Here your can find his blog: klick me
      But what´s realy important is, that you stick to the bankrollmanagement and read the articles.
      I also would suggest to post samplehands to get judged by experienced players. klick me
      I wish you all the best. Do not hesitate to ask more questions.

      Best regards,