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    • frodad
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      hey there my fellow pokerstrategists!

      this is my second post actually, and when i come to think of it it was actually kind of rude posting a hand without ever introducing myself. but hey my first imperative was to already start posting hand(s) after playing a session, which i finally did :D
      anyways, I guess I'm your regular garden-variety, straight-up lazy student who likes to poker in his free time, and tries to live a good and sound moral life :D

      im thinking about making a blog some time soon, but you know how it goes, have to work like a busy little beaver outside the poker ventures, but that should be no excuse.

      to be honest, i dont really care about winnings, i have already won because poker gave me a kind of new insight into the mechanics of excellence (for the lack of a better description) which motivates me in every other aspect of my life. so in my mind im already a winning player :D and if there will be cash profits, SWEEEET :D

      so long, and happy easter ;)
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    • gadget51
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      Well hello frodad and a warm if belated welcome to our community!

      You sound like you have a very relaxed attitude to it all considering you're so busy! But yes, a blog is a good way to go and you can learn so much from posting hands as you know, so you're off to a great start already!

      We hope you have a great time learning with us and wish you well in your studies to, hopefully they will bare fruit and you will get a drem psoiton somewhere nice. :)

      If you need anything futher, just ask ok? Meanwhile, I wish you well and have fun!


    • roopopper
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      Hello and welcome to forum.......Good luck and run good :)

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      :f_cool: yohello