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Turbo HU bankroll managment

    • PrzeoRski
      Joined: 07.04.2011 Posts: 18
      hey people,

      What is properly bankroll managment in HU Turbo?

      I can't exactly find for turbo HU how many BI is good option to have.

      I know that in hyper turbos (3 minutes blindes, 500 ) one coach learn to have 100 BI.

      30 BI or 50 BI is safe for Turbo (3 minutes blindes, 1500 ) HU?

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    • daun666
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 540
      For low stakes 30-35bi will be fine.
    • PrzeoRski
      Joined: 07.04.2011 Posts: 18
      How do you know that? What is source of that information?

      My friend which plays cash games tells that HU SNGs Turbo have high variation and he think that even 50 BI could not be enough.

      Give me explanation why you think 30-35 BI is enough:)

    • zilltine
      Joined: 20.03.2010 Posts: 395
      hu sng variance depends only on your ROI. Your ROI will probably be lower in turbos. Browse forum, you can find a lot of advice on this topic
    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, PrzeoRski!

      zilltine definitely has the right idea about what you are asking, but we will go further into some details.
      There was a similar question soon ago, so I will just post what one of your SnG coaches and video producer suggests.


      Originally posted by pzhon
      Lots of people will tell you their favorite numbers. However, the bankroll you need to be safe depends on your win rate, and we don't know what your win rate is, or even that you are a winning player.

      A simple consistent guideline is

      bankroll = comfort * standard deviation^2 / win rate.

      You can use this formula for many different advantage gambles, such as cash games and multitable tournaments.

      The standard deviation for a HU SNG is close to 1 buy-in.

      Comfort depends on your personal risk aversion and your ability/willingness to move down. You can use the same comfort level when you play different types of poker. Usually a comfort level of 2 is considered aggressive and a comfort level of 4 is conservative.

      For example, if you choose to use a comfort level of 3, and your ROI is 5%, this suggests that your bankroll should be about 3 * 1/ 0.05 = 60 buy-ins. If your ROI were only 2%, you would need 150 buy-ins for the same level of safety.

      If your bankroll drops below the target amount, you don't have to stop playing, but you typically should not play when your bankroll is below half of the target amount, and before then it would probably make sense to play at a lower stake level.