Ok.. I ll try to explain, it is the second time it happens to me.
First of all im talking about two bugs. The first is:

1. In the "HANDS" of Main Menu, i was studing my hands and i decided to order it by "$" so i clicked $ and the Hands ive worned more money appears. Ok.. It work just fine.
But the problem is: It dont come back to the previously mode: That shows the hand that has just been imported first, like an imported order. So ive tried so many ways and it just dont work. It had been freezed, and i am not with the Freeze List button activated.

2. This a more importante problem. Two times the Elephant has imported hands that dont exist. And in both hands ive "lost" $6 dollars. But this Hands do not exist, ive never played that hands. So the graphic shows a (-) value and im not loosing money. How do i delete hands?!