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Elephant 0.44

    • Dippy19
      Joined: 04.12.2007 Posts: 1,347

      1.I have just installed the newest version and I have used the old database and imported new hands and when I try to look at the overview or analysis or anything else it says that the data is not available...WTF?!?

      2.Further more, the help section of the elephant is still German, why?

      3.When ever I close Elephant with clicking on the cross on the top right side of the screen I get a bug report, I can send the file if you want.

      4.It's wrong!!!!!!!!!! Some simple math, I started playing yesterday with a 249$ bankroll, I played for a couple of hours and I finished with a 204$ BR(I know, I suck:) ), so the profits for the day equal -45$, but the Elephant says I lost a total of 54$?

      5.The HUD. Huh where to start... My screen isn't that big, so the table over lap, and sometimes when they do the stats of the table that is in the back can be seen at the table that is in front, very annoying. Then furthermore, you can sometimes see stats of pšlayers that have left already?!? And the final thing, I like to browse the net a bit while playing and it's pretty annoying when you can see the stats through the browser.
      If you need screen shots let me know.

      Ok, I hope this helps with future development and somebody please advise me on problem number 1.
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