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      As some of you might know, I'm currently play NL200sh and a little PLO, but I thought I'd make it a little more interesting and share with the community, so I decided to celebrate my 1000th post by starting a video blog.
      Here's what you will find in here:

      - My progress on NL200
      - My PLO bankroll building (*)
      - The occasional "surprise" :)

      * I'll be starting with 100$ on pokerstars (probably) and try to build a roll at PLO, always keeping a 50BI-minimum rule.

      Anyway, here's my first video, enjoy! link to video

      My (perhaps boring) story: (for those who don't read raisydaisy (just a copy-paste))

      I’m a 19 year old student from Switzerland (not the “German”-speaking part, thankfully) , and I discovered Hold’em about a year ago, when we started playing in between lessons for a few cents.

      I realized there was a lot of money to be made by just learning the game, and a little later, by searching a bit on internet, I came across PokerStrategy.

      I started off very slowly, didn’t play too much, and I was just generating rake on micro-stakes FL. Went broke once or twice, and didn’t learn very much.

      Several months later, around December I guess, I decided to play more seriously. I had about 200$ from TAF.
      I played a few low-stake SNG’s, and was up to about 300$. I then got lucky in a big tournament, won 2600$, and with that I had the bankroll to play NL50 SH. It took a little getting used to, but shortly after I was winning about 5.5-6ptBB/100.

      I’ve since moved up to NL100, and even though variance is killing me on my first 22k+ hands, I hope I’ll have enough progress to write about here ;)

      (update - I stopped sucking and won ~4.6ptbb over 25k hands then moved up to nl200, where I have ~5-6ptbb/100.)

      Now since you’re here, you probably have nothing much to do, so I figure you won’t be too bored to read about my goals in poker :D .
      Well mainly it’s all about improving my game. Being good enough to beat whatever limit I can afford, and make a decent profit, enough to live off of eventually. It isn’t particularly urgent, I still have over a year of studies in front of me, so I can play with no pressure, just to get better.

      At the moment I’m concentrating on SH NL, but I also play a little Pot-Limit Omaha (Hi mostly), and I think I’ll try speed SNG’s again, see if I can make a decent profit there.
      HU NL is also something I’d like to try, but Party doesn’t offer that, so maybe I’ll give it a shot if I move to stars…

      Here's a graph of my current progress at NL200 (there's a few hundred hands of nl400 and 4 hands of nl600, that's all)

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