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    • LloydmadforitStuart
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      Hello everyone,

      I'd like to share a little victory I achieved on the weekend. Well I lost most of my starting capital and was down to my last buy in. Micro blinds €0.02/0.04. Luck will have it that it took me all but 7 hours! to come back from .35c down to build back up to €1.37 in a mammoth longest little game I've ever played. I can proudly say that I'm still playing with my start up capital balance of Au$ 2.30 with two more deposits to go of which I'm sure to have deposited. Thanks for reading, just wanted to share this with you. I wish you best of luck at the tables,

      Lloyd :f_cool:
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    • fruktpuff
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      Glad to hear you managed to turn the bad run around! Keep shipping and keep us posted!
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      Approximately X/50 is'' tournament'' buy-in, where X is your account balance. About sit and go s - its on your owns. I play 1-2cents if I have 10$. Play only with high cards! Best of all play in 2 to 3 tables simultaneously, it ll reduce your % to do mistakes. Use starter strategy as it is shown in » !!! For some peoples the minimum is 10$ for others 100$. Most of all I prefer freerools.