Poker770 MegaPokerSeries Madrid Spain Frustration

    • WinStrat
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      Poker770 had the very BAD idea of replacing the cash prizes in the 30$, Daily 200$ and Weekly 500$ by tickets to Satellites for the MegaPokerSeries in Madrid Spain.

      I guess I'm not the only one frustrated by the situation. Even if I won the grand prize I would not be able to travel to Spain for the tournament. And it is not transferable or refundable.

      So if you are frustrated like me to have useless tokens for useless tickets then flood the Poker770 support and tell them to bring back the CASH prizes. With cash those who wish to participate in the MegaPokerSeries could buyin anyway.

      Send them an email demanding the return of CASH prizes for the 30$, Daily 200$ and Weekly 500$ instead of those stupid MPS tickets.

      Maybe PokerStrategy could help us and put some more pressure on Poker770.

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    • ZODECI
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      If you don't want to go to Madrid, don't play. Hopefully, your tokens won't expire by the time they bring the cash prizes back. PokerStrategy has no control of 770's in-house promos. It's just not their business.