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Turning a few $ into a small fortune

    • Tunatic
      Joined: 13.03.2011 Posts: 247
      Hey, everyone. I haven't been very active on these forum lately, so there are probably only a few of you who have come across my name before. Anyways, I don't mean to make an introductory post, as I'm intending this blog to be more for myself than for other people. You are still very welcome to scroll over it, of course.

      Here's my first blog, where you can read just a bit more about me and my previous issues.

      Anyways, I'm opening this new blog, because I think I've finally turned a new page in my career. I've been successfully keeping away from blackjack and other casino tables for a few months now. I no longer feel the need to play those, and I can finally focus on poker, which I do best. The reason for opening this blog, is to prove myself I've finally managed to put a stop to the casino tables and that I've become a winning poker player.

      So I'm just going to start off with a quite difficult task, which I think I can easily complete as long as there will be no tilting and BJ tables involved:
      Turning €10.00 into €1000.00 in 6 months (which is until 10.10.2012 23:59 GMT +1 ^,^)

      Yeah, guys, I know Boku87 turned €5 into €100.000 in 1 year. But, hold on. I'm still an amateur. If I'm able to complete the above task, I'll be more than happy. Future tasks still await, maybe even ones greater than Boku87's ^^ (I highly doubt it, though :P ).

      Anyways, my bankroll is currently showing exactly $13.24 (€10.00). In 6 months, those digit should turn to €1000.00. Let's see how fast I can get there (or at least, how close).

      I'm going to start playing on WPT, as I have a deposit bonus waiting there. I don't want to say exactly which games I'm going to play, because I'm not even sure myself. But I'll start off by playing NL4 on Bwin (too bad they don't offer any lower stakes). At the beggining I'll be buying-in with $2 and follow SSS.

      Most of you guys might think I'm just another one of those people that will fail and are setting their goals too high. To be honest, I don't really care. Once again, I'm doing this blog mostly for myself. Any advices are, of course, much appreciated. Even if I do fail, which I might, because the start will be difficult, I won't be crying over it (as long as I don't spend the bankroll on casino games).

      With this starting post, let me once again thank this community for what it's given to me in the past year, since I've been registered here. Wish me luck!

      Current bankroll: $13.24
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