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    • MMPokerNab
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      Hello, I know that error.

      Where you following this thread and decided to mod Poker770 client? (in order to get those pretty looking table skins and cards images?)

      I get that error when I have not "unmodded" the client before running it - meaning, there are "alien" images in C:\Poker\Poker770\data\table\topview's subfolders.

      Firstly, I'd read the instructions of whatever suggested you to change something in Poker770's folders.. maybe you need to run the poker client via a script, and not directly via Casino.exe.

      Other ideas:
      [if you had made a backup of original folders and files]
      You can run a script that unmods it.
      You can revert folders to their original files yourself.

      Or, in case you didn't backup, you can reinstall the program - then backup - then mod.