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Whinge thread - a place to vent!

    • VorpalF2F
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      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,495
      Several good sessions over past few days, then back to Party.

      9 buy-ins later...

      I decided to see where the problems were, so I ran the "hand groupings" report.

      Pocket AA I had 4 times in 1300 hands.
      Won 3 / 4.
      Winnings 1bb on two of them, 7.5 bb on one of them, and -100 bb on the 4th.

      Big pairs (JJ-KK) 18 times / 1300
      Wins: 14 x for 135 bb avg 9 bb/hand
      Losses: 4 x for 215 bb avg 54 bb/hand
      Could have been worse. I managed to fold kings once and queens once post flop.

      A category where I normally make piles of coinage is low-mid pairs.
      out of 32 hands, I did not hit my set even once -- except that on one occasion I flopped a boat I won 8 bb that time.

      The absolute worst category was AJ-AK.
      Same pattern: Win little, lose big.


      This is the worst single session I've had on Party.
      Now that it is behind me, the time I go down 4 BI it won't seem so bad.

      Time for some alcohol.
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