:diamond: Time become that I decided to make my blog that I could share my moves at poker. :)

:diamond: About me: My name is Janis I'm 22 years old student from Latvia. I have met poker about 3
years ago and it was like WoW I could make millions in like one day but NOOT it's not like just gambling but something deeper.

:diamond: The title of my blog is "From Zero to Hero" because I decided to start all from the beginning,
from the smallest micro then step by step higher.

:diamond: The main goal is to educate myself and learn much more about poker and move up to the limits.

:diamond: About game: I'm playing at Pokerstars cash game NL2 6max 12-18 tables at the moment also using HM1.

There you can see my starting graph of 10 days play of 33k hands.

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:diamond: As you can see the last 3k hands is a really nice upswing and I understood clearlly that fisshing season begin at midnigh hhah :f_biggrin:

:diamond: I hope you will enjoy my blog :f_p:

Have a nice day! :)